Ritual Abuse therapy workshops featured
at major conference

      So, after all the exposés, after all the law suits, and therapists losing their licenses, ritual abuse therapy is still being taught.  Not in some dark corner, but at a major international conference with many prestigious sponsors, including agencies of the U.S. government, the American Psychological Association, etc., etc. And the workshop participants will be awarded continuing education credit.  It makes you want to puke.
      The conference in question is the 7th International Conference on Family Violence to be held in San Diego, Sep. 25-28, 2002. Two such workshops are being held. The description of one of them as given in the confernce program is below.  Who says recovered memory therapy is finished?

20.  Psychotherapy with Ritual Abuse Survivors
Ellen Lacter, Ph.D. and Mary Battles, M.F.T.

Three presenters, including a psychologist, a marriage & family therapist, and a ritual abuse survivor, will share their respective clinical and subjective experiences that have led to their understanding of ritual abuse as a prevalent problem in Western and other cultures.  This workshop will provide an understanding of ritual abuse practices and dissociative responses in victims, assessment and recognition of ritual trauma, special circumstances in provision of therapy, levels of complexity of mind control, the role of client’s spiritual base in this work, and legal caveats and considerations.