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 Information about the
FMS Foundation

The Foundation:
  • Publishes a newsletter six  times a year
  • Is advised by a distinguished Scientific Board, nearly  fifty strong, drawn from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, and other social sciences
  • Has amassed a very large database of  articles on FMS and related topics
  • Through its legal department it makes available the resources of its superb legal database to people involved in law suits and files amicus curiae briefs
  • Conducts workshops and conferences for professionals and families
  • Is a resource for families, returnees, recanters, professionals, researchers, media, public officials and others
  • Is funded by membership dues and contributions. The latter is tax exempt. (The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) institution.)
  • Is headed by Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., Executive Director
For more information or to contact the Foundation:

Call: 215-940-1040 or check its website

          False Memory Syndrome Foundation
           1955 Locust Street
            Philadelphia, PA 19103-5766

Frequently Asked Questions

Purposes of the Foundation:

  • To seek the reasons for the spread of False Memory Syndrome (FMS);
  • To work for the prevention of new cases of False Memory Syndrome; and
  • To aid the victims of False Memory Syndrome, and to bring their families into reconciliation.
The Foundation will pursue these ends by collaborating with the    professions in the following ways:
  • By publicizing the nature and prevalence of False Memory Syndrome, the conditions and practices causing and sustaining it, and the steps that affected individuals can take to bring truth and well-being back into their lives;
  • By providing access to counseling, and guidance to those who are injured and hurt;
  • By promoting and sponsoring competent scientific and medical research in False Memory Syndrome, and disseminating the results to the professions; and
  • By helping the secondary victims (those falsely accused) to establish reliable methods to discriminate between true and false claims of incest and abuse charges, and the psychological and other reasons they are made, including the intentional or unwitting suggestion of therapists and therapeutic programs. 
(From the Foundation's pamphlet False Memory Syndrome Foundation)

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