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Recovered Memories: Fact or Fiction?

By Paul Simpson, Ed.D.

                   Joe and Alice sit in my office, trying to grasp the crisis that has erupted in their family. Lifelong Christians, they raised their three children, now grown, with a respect and knowledge of God. 
                    With a look of embarrassment, Joe hands me a letter they received from their youngest daughter.

                    I know you've been wondering why I've broken contact with you. I've been diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder because of what you both did to me as a child.
                    My alters [other personalities] gave me the information, and we've begun to remember. 

      This is the start of an article by church oriented  therapist Paul Simpson, published in "Physician", May/June 2001, p.16 on, a publication of Focus on the Family. This article is  especially focused  on Church counseling and memory recovery. 


       If you wish to receive a packet of materials dealing with the problems of Church counseling and recovered memory therapy that we have put together, contact us by e-mail by clicking here.