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Illinois-Wisconsin FMS Society


 Since 1993 the Illinois FMS Society has been the Illinois voice of those who are fighting for those hurt by recovered (or repressed) memory therapy. We are also committed to help our members deal with this terrible situation, especially in their efforts to reunite their families. We are organizationally and financially completely distinct from the FMS Foundation of Philadelphia, but we are close partners in the same fight. Their scene of action is national, our is local. 

We hold annual conferences at which we feature respected national figures of our movement. We have published a quarterly newsletter since 1994.  We have lobbied the Illinois legislature, as for example on a hypnotherapist licensing bill. We have presented our cause to the media and to public officials. This past year a delegation of ours discussed our concerns with representatives of the Illinois Attorney General. We also sent a mailing to 3,000 Illinois psychologists and psychiatrists, spearheaded the drive to distribute the FMS Foundation's new flier Recovered Memories in Illinois, and prepared a public library project to get more books representing our point of view into public libraries. This latter project is to be distributed nationally by the Foundation. 

Formation of the Illinois-Wisconsin FMS Society

At its annual membership meeting, on November 7, 1999,  the Illinois FMS Society decided to reach out to the hitherto unorganized afflicted families in Wisconsin.  A new organization was formed -- the Illinois-Wisconsin FMS Society -- and an invitation was extended to all the concerned  families and their friends in Wisconsin to join together with the Illinois group in one organization, which, like the Illinois FMS Society, will also be incorporated.  A  number of Wisconsin parents were already members of the Illinois FMS Society and many more had attended many of its conferences and received its newsletter.  The following members from Wisconsin were elected.  Kathie Spanuello was elected Vice President for Wisconsin of the new group and Larry  and Louise  and Leo Spanuello were  named to its Steering Committee.  The name Illinois FMS Society will still be retained, and used when appropriate, and the corporation of that name will continue to exist along side the new body which is to be incorporated in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Officers and Chairpersons for 2004-2005

Presidents: Larry Koszewski 
Treasurer: Bill Lanz 
Secretary: Chris
Budget Chairperson: Gretchen 
Parliamentarian: Cas 
Newsletter editors: Walter, Gretchen 

Statement of Purpose

  • To assist in the return of our estranged children
  • To make all mental health professionals more accountable for their actions
  • To help falsely accused persons by providing emotional support and, where necessary, assistance in protecting themselves legally
  • To educate the public about developments in mental health care that impact on false memory victims
  • To support the work of the FMS Foundation



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